“Straight from the mouth of an employed job seeker” – Blogs – Community – ERE.net

“Straight from the mouth of an employed job seeker” – Erin Nemeth’s Blog – Community – ERE.net.

Many companies seem to have missed the idea that they need to sell the opportunity to the top talent that they want.  This is where a recruiter can come

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in handy – both in selling the job to the candidate but also in helping the hiring manager and HR team see how the market has changed so that this is a very necessary piece of recruiting.  Even, or especially, in today’s economy, although there may be 8-11% unemployment, that is really irrelevant to your particular need. You don’t need 99.9% of the people who are looking and the person you do need may well not be looking at all. Even if he or she is open to a new job, is bored where they are now and live close by, if you don’t do a good job of “selling” the role at your fabulous company, how will they know what you have to offer them?

“This is where the gap is.  Why should someone who is employed come work for you?  You know you’re a fabulous company with a fabulous opportunity but are you letting everyone know that in your posting?  Are you selling your company, your culture, your brand?  My friend and I had a pretty engaging conversation around what companies should do to entice the ‘already employed’ especially if you want to hire the ‘already employed’ and, the conclusion is companies need to do a better job selling their opportunity.  With his permission to publish, his words were:  “That is exactly the kind of thing I want to see.  Not “we are looking for someone with 10 years experience in this to do this.”  Yawn.  Why leave the boring place I’m at now for your boring place that wants me to do the same thing for less money.  Woo me… make me want to work for you.  You need me more than I need you right now… at least that’s what the good candidates are probably thinking.” – Erin Nemeth

Do your hiring managers need a little coaching in how to “sell the company” in the interview process?  Do you need a little help in writing those job postings so that they “sell” the position to those who might see them?  Do you need someone to put that opportunity directly in front of the most likely prospects?

Recruiting is selling in both directions.  Do your hiring managers or HR people or “C” suite have the time, education and talent to do this for you?

Recruiters have been talking about the “coming war for talent” for the last decade.  We have been hip deep in it since the first Boomer retired. How is your company doing in the battle?

Please let me know what you think.  Any thoughts on what help might be useful? What piece of education might make your company the winner in this battle?  I’d love to know and get that to you!

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