What is “unbundled” or “modular” search?

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Modular Classroom Delivery - February 10, 2011

Modular Classroom Delivery – February 10, 2011 (Photo credit: BC Gov Photos)

Margaret Dunn, a generalist recruiter from Pennsylvania has written a very nice definition of unbundled search or what is also called modular search.  I’ve been told by clients that it is “practical partnering” and it is my preferred way to bring candidates to my clients. Margaret’s definition:

Unbundled search is most suitable for the client who has a well-staffed recruiting department that needs additional help, or for the client who just prefers to handle parts of the search themselves.  Unbundled search offers our clients the opportunity to pick and choose specific parts of a search that they want or need completed without having to pay for a full executive search.  For example:

•             Do you need us to generate a targeted list of names because you have a recruiting department that will get on the phone and recruit candidates but doesn’t have the time to make calls to get names?

•             Do you need us to generate a targeted list of names because you don’t have an internal recruiting department and have no one available to do this for you?

•             Do you need us to identify who your competitor companies or other closely related companies are by putting together a list of competitor company names, addresses and phone numbers so you have a recruiting base to start with?

•             Would you like to provide us with a list of competitor companies and ask us to identify individuals by specific titles, ie. VP Finance?

•             Would you like us to do internet research to identify a target list of competitors, call into those companies, generate a list of potential candidates/sources to contact, make the contact on your behalf, recruit those contacts, generate resumes?

•             Would you like us to telephone screen those resumes?

•             Would you like us to place ads on your behalf and prescreen the responses?

•             Would you like us to contact specific individuals on your behalf to try to recruit them for you?

•             You may want a combination of these and more.  The list can be whatever you need it to be.

Whether you have the internal recruiting staff in your human resource department or not, unbundled search can be a cost effective way to proceed.  As you can see, it is really a “pick and choose” what you need done to aid you in completing a successful search.

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