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Places to post for life sciences, diagnostics, therapeutics or medical device candidates

1. BioSpace.com  is focused on Biotech/Pharma, Medical Device/Diagnosics, Clinical Research and Academic/BioMed.  It is a pretty robust job site with direct applications, a forum, industry-specific newsletters, company profiles, etc. $375 per post (bulk deals available)

Map of the SF Bay Area

Map of the SF Bay Area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Medzilla.com covers the same fields but has a more cluttered site.  They do have a number of other resources, a blog, a forum, articles and book list as well as a list of recruiters but this list is limited to only those who have paid for their service. $395 per post (bulk deals available)

3. Craigslist.com for local searches (i.e. you have no budget to relocate the person).  Bare bones, but not expensive. $75/post.

Where do you post your jobs?

Studies by various HR organizations have shown that only one in one hundred resumes sent to job boards and company career pages are even barely acceptable fits.  It is so easy to apply online that many people send a resume in the hope that whoever reads it will know how to fit them into the company and what jobs they should do.  By choosing the right niche job board you will also narrow the applicants to those who are in that niche.

Organizations, especially local chapters of national organizations for the professionals you are looking for, are much more likely to be able to present your job to the people who more nearly fit it.  They may also be free or very low-cost as the organization sees this as a service to their unemployed members.

Which brings us back to the question of “active” or “passive” candidates.  Because of the current economic atmosphere in the bioindustries in the SF Bay Area, many very good candidates are actively “looking”.  Just a short time ago this was not true; the best people were not looking and barely had time to look up and answer a phone call.  On the other hand, many fully employed but very able (perhaps stellar) people are not fully engaged with the companies that currently employ them and, while they are not actively perusing the job sites, are very willing to talk with someone who calls them.

What is your process when the hiring manager calls you and says, “We need an X”?


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