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Connie Hampton

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Thank you for your interest in having Connie speak to your group!

Connie’s business focuses on providing over-worked HR professionals with scientific and executive search services that can be customized to your company’s particular needs.

Below is a list of Connie’s most requested, signature talks:

1.        What to do before you hire a recruiter:

  • Employee referrals
  • In-person networking
  • Social media
  • Company website
  • Job postings

2.       How to use Social Media for recruiting

  • The marketing era and why it is important to your company to have a stellar social media reputation
  • Where can you find the right people for your open positions?
  • How other companies and recruiters use social media and how you can do it too.
  • Tools to use to present your company and your jobs to the people you need – LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Avoiding losing the right people because of a bad impression or difficult to navigate website.

3.  Do you fish, hunt or farm your new employees?

  • Those job postings are fishing expeditions.  Are you using the right bait?
  • Hunting uses hunters to go out and find the right people
  • Farming is more labor intense

Join us for an informative session where you will learn all this and more as shares her highly practical, results-focused strategies.

Connie is known for her highly practical, results-focused strategies and will be sharing lots of “implement today” how-tos designed to help you build your pipeline of potential candidates  – and your company’s reputation – through Social Media

Connie’s Bios: 

100 word for presentation:

Connie is a purple squirrel hunter – after you have asked your employees and managers who they know for the open position, used your own social media network and posted the job, if you still have not found the right person, you will want her to find that hard-to-find MD or PhD or MBA.

She started recruiting early in the history of the worldwide web.  While she does not restrict herself to just the web she has kept up with the changes in social media.   She makes full use of it in finding the right people for her clients.

Join me in welcoming Connie Hampton…

25-word intro:

Connie has been recruiting for the life sciences industry since 1997, using every means necessary to find the right people for her clients.

You can learn more about Connie at:


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