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CSO Back Story II: The Evolution of the Chief Sustainability Officer

CSO Back Story is back. This time, we compare today with 2011 data and ask the CSOs we published that first CSO report. The full report may be downloaded here [..]

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[Video] 8 steps to hiring mission critical employees

Do your HR people or sourcers do these 8 steps?  Mission-critical PhDs can be hard to find.  Hiring them is not the same as hiring entry-level finance people [..]

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Video: Why use G+

Great new tool! G+ Read more »

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Video: Holocracy

What is Holocracy? How can this new way of organizing a company reduce bottlenecks, empower employees, make your purpose even stronger? Read more »

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Are you planning to hire next year?

Are you and the BOD planning to hire more people for your workforce next year? Or just to replace individuals as they leave?  Either way, recruiting and hiring will be needed.  [..]

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A Mail-Order Bride?

Is your hiring like like a 19th century cowboy mail-ordering a  bride? A bride from the late 1800s wearing a black or dark colored wedding dress. (Photo credit: [..]

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The Pharmaceutical Pipeline Attrition Rates

From Quintiles white paper. Does your company and your people have enough ideas flowing in on the left to provide the outcome on the right?  Does this apply [..]

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ATS – which one is right for my company?

We had some interesting conversation at the last Supper Club about ATS systems so I decided to ask my friend Sylvia Dahlby is a Rainmaker at SmartSearch the [..]

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How do you choose a recruiter?

When you actually have to get some recruiting help, how do you choose a recruiter? How important is their web presence? How important is a well-known name or [..]

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What is “unbundled” or “modular” search?

Margaret Dunn, a generalist recruiter from Pennsylvania has written a very nice definition of unbundled search or what is also called modular search.  I’ve been told by clients that it [..]

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