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[Video]How to use Social Media for Recruiting

Recruiting is either fishing, hunting or farming – Social media recruiting has tools for each of them! If you would like to receive a monthly newsletter about various [..]

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How Good is Your EVP and Employer Brand

Do you even have an EVP, Employer Brand? Or are you sliding on a random reputation? Your Employer Brand is what used to be known as the reputation [..]

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Guest: Are You Leading with Clarity or Confusion?

By Michele Molitor, PCC Guess what – we’re half way through the year already! Wow – how did that happen when we weren’t looking?  This year has flown [..]

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Is Your Social Recruiting Hold You Back?

 What is holding back your social recruiting efforts? If you have had a chance to watch the HR and recruiting talk online, you know that more and more [..]

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LinkedIn is not essential

  LinkedIn is a great place to post your jobs (although it is rather expensive at  US$495.00/posting).  It is a great place to keep up on recent articles [..]

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Social Media Recruiting

The most popular Social Media Recruiting sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, XING, Google+ and BranchOut. From Wikapedia   Wikapedia says: “Social recruiting falls into two different categories. The first is internet sourcing using social media profiles, [..]

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[Video] How many applicants should be interviewed?

  So you have posted the position and gotten 500 applicants.  Of these 490 are from people who could not possibly have read the position description but simply [..]

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[Video] Don’t Hire a Recruiter

Hire a recruiter only if you have done these 5 things first  

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Farming Talent

“Farming” or Employment branding is the hot topic these days We have truly entered the era of branding and marketing.  Candidates are as careful checking you out as [..]

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[Video] Is your company’s implicit knowledge walking out the door?

 As the Boomers age out of the workplace, are they taking critical implicit or even tacit knowledge with them?  What are you doing to capture it? Contact Ken [..]

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