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Hiring Tip #1

  Do you know who the right person is?  Or what their qualities are?

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Who do you want to see interviewed?

 Who do you want to see interviewed? Who are your HR heroes? Who would you like to have at a dinner party?  What wisdom do you seek for [..]

HR and Hiring Managers

Epic Failure: Confusion

Epic Failure causes confusion to the point where companies can go under   Talking with John Rose last week made me think of a number of times when the hiring [..]

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Epic Fail: Why you may be missing the right people

Conversation with John Rose Are you getting the right people for your open positions?  Do you know why not?  What do you need to do to up your [..]

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Video: Talent Dynamics: Leading With Clarity

I host a monthly LunchBreak G+ Hangout for the people responsible for building teams in the bioscience industries.  Every 3rd Friday at 11:30 am Pacific, I have wonderful [..]

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[Video]How to use Social Media for Recruiting

Recruiting is either fishing, hunting or farming – Social media recruiting has tools for each of them! If you would like to receive a monthly newsletter about various [..]

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How Good is Your EVP and Employer Brand

Do you even have an EVP, Employer Brand? Or are you sliding on a random reputation? Your Employer Brand is what used to be known as the reputation [..]

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Guest: Are You Leading with Clarity or Confusion?

By Michele Molitor, PCC Guess what – we’re half way through the year already! Wow – how did that happen when we weren’t looking?  This year has flown [..]

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Is Your Social Recruiting Hold You Back?

 What is holding back your social recruiting efforts? If you have had a chance to watch the HR and recruiting talk online, you know that more and more [..]

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LinkedIn is not essential

  LinkedIn is a great place to post your jobs (although it is rather expensive at  US$495.00/posting).  It is a great place to keep up on recent articles [..]

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