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Hiring Tip#12: Get the team’s input on the job description

  Be sure that the other team members have had some input into the job description – there may be specific keywords that are needed. Like this:Like Loading…

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Hiring Tip #10: A job posting is an advertisement

  How can you write your job posting in a way that will appeal most to the best candidates?  How can you write about your organization, environment and [..]

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Hiring Tip #9: Job descriptions can’t be boiler plate

A job posting is an advertisement.  You wouldn’t use some other company’s ad for your product, why use them for your job descriptions for your people? Like this:Like Loading…

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Hiring Tip #8: Do you have a checklist?

  Consistency is important for many reasons and a checklist will help you make sure that you don’t skip steps. Like this:Like Loading…

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A Critical Position Should Not Remain Open Over 90 Days

Guest Post by Doug Beabout The Dow is creeping up to record highs. Consumer confidence is better. The “Fed” is grumbling about inflation. Clients are hiring again. Okay, [..]

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Hiring tip #7 – Recruiting Process

Looking only among the people you know is the traditional recruiting process for start-ups.  Adding job postings works when you are hiring “easy to find” people.  Real hunting [..]

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Hiring Tip #6 – Hiring Strategy

Hiring for today’s problem is not a fit for the long-run.  How does this job fit into the company’s overall hiring strategy?  How well does the hiring strategy [..]

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Avoid Emergency Hires

Do some of your hires feel like emergencies? Since no company would spend the time and resources to hire unless they have a problem to solve that can’t [..]

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Join us tomorrow over your lunch break!

Will you join us to discuss how to find the people who can add value to your company, slay your dragon and protect your “baby” because they love [..]

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Who are your bioscience heroes?

Who are your heroes, living or dead? Who would you like to spend 30 minutes with and what would you ask them? I’d like to put together a [..]

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