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Hiring Tip #41: Your job, their goals

 Do you know what the candidate’s (and each employee’s) goals are?  Will this job further their goals?  Or are you interviewing for a job that they really don’t [..]

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Hiring Tip #40: Daily…

 How do you “motivate” your new hires?  What does that even mean?  Respect and the right tools combined with an intriguing project seem to work best for the [..]

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Tools for the job

Do you have the tools this candidate will need to be successful in this job?  Can you introduce them to the colleagues who can help?  Can you give them [..]

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What has changed in recruiting in the last 3 years?

Remember when the unemployment rate was over 7%?  And it was still hard to find the right people? Now it is even harder! U.S. Labor Market Among World’s [..]

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First, Last or Best?

The first person you interview is not like the first pancake – only for throwing out.  They may be the best of the lot.  Or the best may [..]

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Nitty Gritty of compensation

Compensation is only one of the many tasks of HR.  Irv, Lisa and I discuss some of the parts and tools you use to keep all that going. [..]

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Offers and backgrounds

Don’t make the mistake of giving offers of employment before you have checked the background.  Not just the formal references, but also the social media references and perhaps [..]

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Hiring Tip #36: Listen

Don’t “sell” the job in the interview.  Really listen to the answers to your questions.  Get your “gut” out of the way and investigate, seek, quest.

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Interview questions

 Compare apples to apples: use the same questions when you interview multiple people for a job.  Make sure that the questions will actually give you answers that pertain [..]

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Don’t hire the next best because…

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