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The Pharmaceutical Pipeline Attrition Rates

From Quintiles white paper. Does your company and your people have enough ideas flowing in on the left to provide the outcome on the right?  Does this apply [..]

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Affordable Care Act Hearings Surprise Many

Do you get Audrey’s great newsletter? I highly recommend it! – Connie “The Affordable Care Act has been center stage this past week as the Supreme Court held [..]

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Outsourcing in the Pharmaceutical Industry – How to Engage, Manage and Monitor CRO Activities

Dan Levy, Guest Blogger  DEL BioPharma Consulting Services for Drug Discovery Programs Dan’s blog In today’s industrial climate, use of contract research laboratories is no longer the exception.  [..]

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Network Polish Kit for Job Seekers

I’ve moved all my job search tips and posts to my other blog. Read more »

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Current state of the biopharma industry

I’ve been talking to a few CEOs in the biopharma sector and this is what I’m hearing Read more »

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Have you read the WSJ blog on why companies aren’t getting the employees they need?

The conventional wisdom is that our education system is failing our economy. But our companies deserve a lot of the blame themselves Read more »

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Who is biotech’s Steve Jobs?

Ron Leuty recently wrote a blog titled “Who is biotech’s Steve Jobs?” This is a really good question!  Why is there not a Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, or [..]

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Recruiting is Getting More Difficult

That would seem really counter-intuitive, right? There is greater than 9% unemployment and we have so many more tools now – LinkedIn, the many job boards (Monster, BioSpace,  [..]

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SF Business Times Annual BioScience Forum

SF Business Times hosted their annual BioScience Forum on the 14th and the speakers were excellent!

These three executives each presented their company to the group: Read more »

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Green Chemistry and Sustainable Pharmaceuticals

    I didn’t know that “green chemistry” existed until I saw Buzz Cue (BWC Pharma Consulting) speak last night.  Wow!  It turns out that Pharma has more [..]

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