Do you ever wish you could get out in front of your recruiting tasks?  Wish you knew where the (insert title here) hung out?  Or who your competitors for that position were? Or which colleges and universities are currently educating the people you will need next year?  How would you hire differently if you knew these things? 

ConnieOnCall might be the way to go.

Of course you don’t have time to spend gathering this information right now.  Hampton & Associates, Scientific & Executive Search Services is now offering a new service.  ConnieOnCall is the way you can get just the information you need to plan your hiring, know where to post your jobs, and know who works in the area.  What could you do with the information? 

ConnieOnCall is a small investment for a set number of hours (packages of 5, 10 or 20 hours) to use as you see fit – just one hour at a time, if that’s all you need, or even just 15 minutes of consulting. Tap into our knowledge of the industry, our database of companies and professionals, and our 16 years of experience in the bioindustries.

Packages start at $1,000 for 5 hours.  

Services offered:

  • Interview the hiring manager and write the position description
  • Review of position description
  • Job posting sites specific to that title and technology
  • List of local companies at the same phase and/or in the same therapeutic area/industry including URLs
  • List of companies nationally in the same therapeutic area
  • Recent data from our professionals database (company, name, title, contact info)
  • List of colleges with appropriate majors/grad programs/post-doc programs for one particular title
  • Consulting on likelihood of successfully finding the right person locally vs needing to relocate someone
  • Review of your career pages and recruiting brand
  • Contacting just the few people you know you want but can’t call yourself
  • Identifying the people with the right title at one particular company

What else could you use a little help with?



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