Social Media and other Tools for Talent Fishing, Hunting and Farming




What tools are you using to find the right employees?

Fishing tools:

Job postings

  • on your preferred job boards
  • on your career page
  • On your FB page and BranchOut (Monster’s FB app). FB also has and Cachinko, so depending on your search you might want to try these too.
  • On your LinkedIn company page
  • Paid on LI’s Jobs page
  • Free on the LI groups you and your ideal candidate belong to (Only 50 groups allowed but you can add and drop as you need to)

Tweet links to your company career page

Have the hiring managers record videos about what they want to see in a candidate and why that person should work for them and post them on YouTube or your company LinkedIn page

LinkedIn gets 3x more job applications than Twitter and 8.8x more than Facebook. Twitter has more reach than LinkedIn and much more than Facebook (from 2012 Bullhorn Reach Social Recruiting Activity Report) and Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site with excellent business options.

Hunting tools:

Identify the potential candidates:

List of competitors, referrals from employees who recently worked for them

Referrals, from employees, Board Members, your personal network, your employees networks, your vendors’ networks, your customers’ networks

Phone: Call into the competition and find out who is doing what you need to have done and invite them to consider working for you.  Don’t do this if your industry has non-competes.  Best is to hire a third-party recruiter to do this.

Directories of the associations that the hiring manager is a member of along with his/her name and password if these are online

Boolean search – using more than one search engine, use appropriate Boolean logic statements to look for resumes, websites, biographies, etc for the position

Social Media as a way to gather the right names and titles.

LinkedIn is the easiest but you must have at least 600 direct connections, better is 1,000+ to the right people for the search.  It takes time to grow the network.  The average is 18/week and takes 7.6 months to double the network size.  

Using LinkedIn is a complex process but you can go far with just a few tricks and tools:

Use Advanced Search.  Start with the title and keywords for your purple squirrel and then remove qualifications or change them.  Save your searches.  Sort through them and develop a list of the top 50-200.

Twitter Search

Look for appropriate hashtags and keywords for the keywords in your job description.  Look at the profile of the people who used that hashtag and see if you should follow them, check to see if you can find them on LinkedIn or Facebook and, if appropriate, add them to your list.  Check to see who they are following and, if appropriate, add them to your list.


Search for appropriate keywords and see who posted video about them.  Add them to your list

Clean the list and get emails, phone numbers, twitter handles, profile names for each one.

Candidate Development

Then contact each by email, call, text, direct message each one and ask for referrals and/or see if they might be interested enough to send you a resume.

Receive referrals and add to list

Receive resumes and screen to the job description and the unwritten preferences

Top grade the results and ask hiring manager to review

Do background verification of the obvious (places of work and title, education degree)

Interview by phone and/or video conference (Skype)


Present the company across all platforms with the same colors and graphics 

Develop your company’s Website Career Page(s):

  • The employee value proposition with examples of engagement events, videos, pictures, “testimonials” from current employees
  • Answers to commonly asked questions: Benefits, extras, what it is like to work there
  • Job descriptions of currently open jobs that are written to attract the high achievers
  • No old and filled job descriptions
  • Soft squeeze page with a free offer to gather names and emails of people interested in the company

Company Blog:

  • Weekly updates about what is happening in the company that can be shared publicly
  • Rotating bloggers from various departments, especially hiring managers about their team and what they are working on
  • Soft squeeze section with a free offer to gather names and emails of people interested in the company
  • You can put videos here

Facebook Company Page:

All of the above plus contests for “likes”

LinkedIn Company Profile:

  • Overview (fill in all the fields)
  • Careers page
  • Fill in all the fields and state the employee value proposition to attract the right people
  • Get quotes from employees about working there

LinkedIn Groups:

  • Your company’s alumni and current employees group
  • Groups for your highest turnover departments?
  • Use to see what your 1st and 2nd degree connections have posted in their status.  Use the update email to follow your connections who have changed their profile

Twitter Page:

  • Clear logo and contact information
  • Regularly scheduled tweets about the above or your product or the disease you are trying to cure, problem the company is the solution for.  Plus comments from employees, vendors, clients
  • Tweets with links to job postings (one/job/day)
  • Tweets from hiring managers
  • Schedule your tweets, don’t post them all at once
  • Do not link your tweets to your LinkedIn profile or page.  It uses a different language.


Videos of your employees about the company, of the hiring managers talking about their team and what problems they are solving, company picnics/parties/events, company charity events, working at a Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, whatever you do to give back, having fun.

Other social media sites  Plus organization social media sites within their websites