How Good is Your EVP and Employer Brand

writing brand conceptDo you even have an EVP, Employer Brand? Or are you sliding on a random reputation?

Your Employer Brand is what used to be known as the reputation of your company amongst your workers and those who might work for you.  It is highly dependent on your Employee Value Proposition or what the employee gets from you that can make you the preferred employer.

All of us now have all of the world’s information at our fingertips, in our hip pockets, and even those without a computer of their own can access the internet at the library.  One branch of that knowledge is “what is it like to work for <insert your company name here>” .  There are whole internet companies founded and to market on just this question: and spring to mind but I’ve also talked with the next generation of startups in this space.

So how do you measure up?  Do you even measure?

Have you looked up your company on Glassdoor recently?  Unless you are a brand new startup in stealth mode, you should.

Do you have a Google Alert on your company so that you can see what else is happening on the internet?

What steps are you taking to attract the right employees and retain them?  Good companies with great EVPs and Brands are much harder to recruit out of than the generic, run of the mill companies.  And in the world of recruiting you are either a client or a supplier.

Do you have an articulated Employee Value Proposition?  It would describe the total rewards (compensation and benefits) but also the culture, the learning and growing opportunities, what you offer in everything from company retreats to lunch-hour clubs.  It must be developed with the employees, because you might think one thing is attractive but no one else does.  All of this works to retain, engage and motivate the employees.  As it is articulated in your external communication, it is your Employer Brand.

Jason Jeffay, Mercer’s global leader of talent management in Atlanta says,
“An employee value proposition needs “to be aligned with the business model, authentic so that business leaders believe in it and make decisions based on it, and aspirational so that people are proud to work there.”

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