How do Biotech firms fill their critical positions?

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I’ve done some “market research” lately, talking to the wonderful CEOs and CFOs in “the industry” about what they see coming done the pike and how they plan to hire in the future.

Most tell me about the trouble finding great clinical and quality/regulatory people.  So how are they going to find them?

Lower level associates are usually available through Craig’s List or other postings.  Upper level folks are harder to find.  It has only been in the last 5-10 years that biotech even needed these skill sets – we used to be looking for that brilliant PhD with nine papers in something obscure to lead an R&D team.  Good people with 10-15 years in clinical operations and quality/regulatory affairs are simply not as abundant as needed.

“Who do we know?” is not working very well even with LinkedIn and other social media, especially for companies which are just now needing these people.  Posting is turning up hundreds of unsuitable resumes and very few job hunting QA/RA folks.

That leaves us with recruiters.  There are many recruiters in high-tech, but biotech really needs recruiters with biotech experience.

Who are you using?

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