How many applicants does it take to find one qualified candidate?

How many does it take to find the right one?

Have you seen Ira Wolfe’s blog How many job applicants does it take to find one qualified candidate?

“The “war for talent” is heating up even in the midst of high unemployment. According to an article last week in the Wall Street Journal, it takes many more than most employers think (or at least want to accept.) I repeat – a lot more.  The actual numbers are numbing.

For example, an infographic presented in the article revealed that it takes approximately 1,000 online views by candidates to get 100 candidates to complete the application.  Out of that, 25 applications are selected for review, then 4 to 6 candidates are recommended for an interview. When all is said and done, companies may find their one diamond in the rough only after 1,000 candidates view the job posting.  If those numbers hold up, it is clear that the impending war for talent is no longer imminent or pending. It’s here today.”

Does your HR team have the time for this?  What new processes are you using to manage this?  It is enough?

What are outside recruiters doing to manage it?

At Hampton & Associates, we narrow the field before we begin inviting people to consider the role.  We hunt instead of fishing.

What do you think of this?

Drop me a note if you need some help narrowing down the field!



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3 responses to How many applicants does it take to find one qualified candidate?

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog!
    That number is irrelevant without understanding the complete sourcing strategy. With the rise of social media, professional networking groups, professional Meetup groups, LinkedIn groups, academic alumni networks, corporate alumni networks, professional association job boards, niche career sites, employee referrals, industry conferences, influencers on Twitter etc etc there are so many ways to target your posts to create a talent pool of potentially “ideal candidates”
    If you get the sourcing strategy right, the people viewing the posting are more likely to apply themselves or refer the right person. I follow this strategy for each assignment we work on and our tipping point is 150.

    • I totally agree, Regina. Our tipping point is about the same, depending on the search – for some of our searches there really are only 50 people who have all that it takes to do the job, for others 200-500. This is why we offer both hourly and project based pricing and involve the client in the decision of how many people to contact after we have identified the pool.
      I was surprised by the infographic – mostly because I don’t use the “post, wait and sort” method of finding the right people.

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