A la carte’ and Modular Search Services

Modular search services can take the pressure off.  Are you an overworked and time-pressured executive in a small or mid-sized life sciences, diagnostics, biotech, biopharma, medical device or biofuels company who needs great employees for your mission-critical open positions… yesterday? 

You have already sifted your network and you’ve had the position posted on your company website and job boards, but the resumes you have received just don’t fit or have overwhelmed your team.

In the past, the typical recruiting firms have not been able to find the right matches because they just don’t understand your business. Many firms are generalists, not dedicated to our industry.  But it doesn’t have to be that way…

How much money, time, and effort could you save if you had:

  • a select group of 3 to 6 resumes
  • the most highly qualified AND interested scientific or management professionals
  • for those critical positions
  • delivered to your desk in 6-12 weeks
  • for a flat or hourly,  economical fee

You now have another option

Hampton and Associates’

Premier Package can satisfy your hiring needs, using our unique 6-step process. Our average client saves 50% over either contingency or retained search and many weeks of time.
Ask about our guarantee.  Call us (510) 601-1343
Or book a call at your convenience here

We provide you with candidates who are qualified and waiting for your call.

You schedule, interview and negotiate final offers, ensuring that you control the process and keep costs low.

The biotech, biopharma, and biofuels companies that use our services do so because they want economical help –even with a difficult-to-fill position or a delicate fit.

Or, if you only need a piece of the process, we can provide you with just the help you need to get the right person hired and working. Just need to know where to look?  We can do that.  Just who to invite to submit a resumes? We can do that.  Want to know which of your competitors has people in this function? We can do that.  Just ask!


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