Are you planning to hire next year?

Are you and the BOD planning to hire more people for your workforce next year?

Or just to replace individuals as they leave?  Either way, recruiting and hiring will be needed.  Do you have a team in place that can do this “extra” work with you?  Or will it all fall on your desk?

Help Wanted

It is not so simple any more.

Hiring costs and requires more money, time and expertise than simply posting a job description on a job board.  Even if you do get more than one or two possible resumes from your posting (and the statistics are not in your favor), it will still take time to sort through the “wrong” ones, choose the “right” ones and get them to the hiring manager.  Meanwhile, the hiring manager is doing both his job and the job he is trying to hire for and you are pushing aside other necessary tasks (comp, benefits, employee relations, OD, training, etc.) to get the new person hired.

If the posting does not yield the right person, you have a few choices:

  • Don’t hire and limp along
  • Hire a contract recruiter in-house to manage the search
  • Put the search out to contingency recruiters (with the chance that they may be no more successful than you have been and will charge you 25-30% of what you will be paying the new hire if you do get the right person)
  • Bring in an executive search firm who will find you the right person at 30% of the annual compensation of the person being hired.
  • Or bring in an a la carte or modular search services team like Hampton & Associates who will do only the parts of the search that you don’t have time to do yourself.

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