Full Modular Search offers the same degree of engagement as a retained search but the pricing is on an hourly basis of $125/hr. or a negotiated project basis.

Most searches include:

  • Working with the hiring manager and/or HR designee to develop the position description, marketing material and plan of action – 2-10 hours or $250 – $1,250
  • Developing a list of companies that employ or have employed people in the function you need 5-20 hours or $625 – $2,500
  • Developing a list of at least 200 people who are doing or have done what you need to have done or whose next job will be to do it (direct reports) 20-60 hours or $2,500-$15,000
  • Contacting each of those 200 people to market your opportunity 40-60 hours or $5,000 – $15,000
  • Reports, resumes, etc. 2-10 hours or $250 – $1,250 or as needed

Total for full modular search can cost from under $9,000 to under $25,000.  Most are under $15,000. If there are change orders or a particularly difficult search, the search may cost as much as $35,000

Each of these tasks can be engaged separately if your team already has some of this covered. 

We also offer hourly services for managing interviews, salary negotiation and on-boarding.

Full retained search is billed like most retained search at a negotiated 30-33% of the total first year compensation of the person hired.  For general information click here

Fees charged for postings to various job boards are passed through to the client as decided by the client.

You receive all the business data developed in the search and may contact any of the people whose information you will have.

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