Hiring Tip #27: Use LinkedIn and the resume

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After the resumes make it into the “maybe” pile, do you check LinkedIn or Google for these people?  Does their LinkedIn Profile support their resume?  Do they have any recommendations for positions similar to the one you are looking to fill?  What else do they say about themselves that did not fit in the one or two page resume?  Can you tell if they would fit your culture or not?  


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Hiring Tip #26: The cost to lose an employee

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Slide26How much does it cost to lose an employee?  How much to replace them?

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Hiring Tip #25: How you treat your candidates

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Slide25 How do you treat your candidates?

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Hiring Tip #24: Do your employees have referrals?

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employee referrals


Tap into your employees’ referrals!  They know what it is like to work there and are your best “sales people”.

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Hiring Tip #23: Before you need them

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before you need them


Do you, or your hiring managers, have time to develop relationships with people with the talent that you will need before you need them?

Do your employees?  Interns? Members of the Board of Directors?  Talent, especially in the biosciences, is not common.  Are you planning for the future or the past?

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Hiring Tip #22: Are you using LinkedIn effectively?

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LinkedIn Are you using your personal LinkedIn Profile to attract and interact with potential employees?  Are you keeping your company’s LinkedIn page up-top-date and attractive?  Candidates are shoppers, especially in these very specific niches.

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Hiring Tip # 21: Do you use referrals?

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Hiring Tip #20: Do you have a list of good people?

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list of good people That list of good people is your ace in the hole for hiring.  Your personal and company network is where your best future employees will come from.

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Hiring Tip #19: What fills 70-85 percent of all jobs?

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finding employees Do you track how your open positions are filled? Have you found that 70-85 percent are filled by referrals or recommendations from current managers or employees?

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CSO Back Story II: The Evolution of the Chief Sustainability Officer

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CSO Back Story is back. This time, we compare today with 2011 data and ask the CSOs we published that first CSO report.

CSO Backstory II by Ellen Weinreb

The full report may be downloaded here

in Our ReportsWhat We Think/by Ellen Weinreb/#permalink

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