Hiring Tip #22: Are you using LinkedIn effectively?

LinkedIn Are you using your personal LinkedIn Profile to attract and interact with potential employees?  Are you keeping your company’s LinkedIn page up-top-date and attractive?  Candidates are shoppers, especially in these very specific niches.

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Hiring Tip # 21: Do you use referrals?


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Hiring Tip #20: Do you have a list of good people?

list of good people That list of good people is your ace in the hole for hiring.  Your personal and company network is where your best future employees will come from.

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Hiring Tip #19: What fills 70-85 percent of all jobs?

finding employees Do you track how your open positions are filled? Have you found that 70-85 percent are filled by referrals or recommendations from current managers or employees?

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CSO Back Story II: The Evolution of the Chief Sustainability Officer

CSO Back Story is back. This time, we compare today with 2011 data and ask the CSOs we published that first CSO report.

CSO Backstory II by Ellen Weinreb

The full report may be downloaded here

in Our ReportsWhat We Think/by Ellen Weinreb/#permalink

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Hiring Tip #18: Is your ATS a black hole?

 ATS - useful or black hole?Most candidates think of your ATS as a black hole.  How can you make it better?

Many Applicant Tracking Systems are a real burden on the applicant.  It can take hours to fill in all the sections and, even then, if they don’t use exactly the right keywords, you may not be able to find them in there.  Even if they really are the “perfect match” for your job.

The autoresponder that says, “Thanks for sending your resume.  We will contact you when we have something that fits” is a brush-off and everybody knows that.  How do you think it makes the potential candidates feel about your company?  What might they say on social media and will it prevent the “perfect candidate” from even attempting to apply?  

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Hiring Tip #17: Promote Your Company Culture and Values

Promote your values and culture Promote your company values and culture.  

Don’t expect the great candidates to read your mind!  Can you articulate what those values are?  Do they vary by department?  Is the culture the same across the entire company?  What is the culture in the department you are hiring for?

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Happy Holidays from us to you

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Hiring Tip #16: Why use a career page

Career pages. for help http://www.hamptonexecutivesearch.com

Career pages draw the right people

Great candidates have lots of choices these days.  Why would they want to work with you?  If you can articulate that, you can post it on your company website’s career pages and on social media like your company page on LinkedIn.

Do you really want a candidate that has NOT explored your website and career pages? 

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Hiring Tip #15: What are the selling points for each job?

http://hamptonexecutivesearch.com  Selling Points

Do you know the selling points for the job you need to fill?  For the company as a whole?

Why should an excellent candidate join your company in that job? If you can’t answer this, why should they do that for you?

Can you answer in a few well-crafted sentences?

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