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The most popular Social Media Recruiting sites: LinkedInFacebookTwitterViadeoXINGGoogle+ and BranchOut. From Wikapedia


Wikapedia says: “Social recruiting falls into two different categories. The first is internet sourcing using social media profiles, blogs, and online communities to find and search for passive candidate data and information. The second is social distribution. This involves using social media platforms and networks as a means to distribute jobs either through HR vendors or through crowdsourcing where job seekers and other influencers share job openings within their online social networks.

Since late 2009 there has been some discussion in the recruitment and social media communities about whether simply using social media as a communication and marketing channel can be called “social recruiting”.[2] The argument is that for recruiting to be truly social, it needs to build a community, facilitate communication within that community, and rely on social connections between community members to recruit.”


Fishing – posting on job boards and on social media is still fishing, or “post and pray”.  It is no better than hanging a Help Wanted sign in the company window.  Very, very old-fashion, it depends on luck to drive the right people to your “door”.  You will get scads of resumes from people who simply “want a job, any job” and seem not to have even read the whole job description.

Hunting – searching on social media is still hunting. A good hunter starts on social media, but does not stop there.  Many great employees are not on any of the major social media sites or have stale data there.

Farming – this is what is now called social media recruiting – “to build a community, facilitate communication within that community, and rely on social connections between community members to recruit”

The tools for this include:

A strong Employment Brand

A strong Employer Value Proposition

A career page that has video, audio and quotes

Links on that page to a forum (a LinkedIn Group, a Facebook Page, a regular Twitter chat, G+ Community, etc.) where you encourage employees of your company to post and respond to posts frequently. 

This becomes an extension of your employee referral plan and expands their reach. Your employees can have an opinion about the people who interact with them and can be asked for suggestions on whom to hire.

This is new and possibly dangerous.  Recruiters and people from your competitors could join the forum and steal away your people or ideas.  Of course a “private forum” with someone vetting those who want to join can be instituted and can be promoted as “exclusive”.

So it needs to be backed by a strong Employer Value Proposition that keeps your employees happily working for you.  And you need to have a well promoted and clear policy that keeps your Intellectual Property and proprietary information safe. 

Imagine knowing who the players are in your niche! Knowing who has what it takes to fit in before you even write the job description.  Knowing how to write that job description to attract the people you need because you have their words, questions, interests right in front of you.

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