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Hiring Tip #42: What is “Fit”?

 How do you determine “fit”?  Most people are disqualified because of it.  But “fit” takes time and effort on both sides.  Are you expecting miracles?  Have you allowed [..]

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Hiring in 2016?

How does your 2016 look from HR?  Will you be hiring? Upsizing? Downsizing? Working on retention?  Will you put an employee referral program in place? Or update the [..]

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The Pharmaceutical Pipeline Attrition Rates

From Quintiles white paper. Does your company and your people have enough ideas flowing in on the left to provide the outcome on the right?  Does this apply [..]

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3 Places to post

  Places to post for life sciences, diagnostics, therapeutics or medical device candidates 1. BioSpace.com  is focused on Biotech/Pharma, Medical Device/Diagnosics, Clinical Research and Academic/BioMed.  It is a [..]

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The reunion of the year for the Bio Industry – were you there?

JPMorgan Healthcare Conference January 9-12, 2012 I spoke with a number of people inside the St. Francis in San Francisco last week.  The venue was well-guarded against terrorists, [..]

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Current state of the biopharma industry

I’ve been talking to a few CEOs in the biopharma sector and this is what I’m hearing Read more »

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