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Yes, you need to know them but…

Hire someone you know (or one of your employees knows), but not too well-known. Friends are different from employees.  Employees can become friends but why stress a friendship [..]

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Team building on a budget

Working together toward a common goal is part of the DNA of small, young biotech firms. And that goal is really about science and the betterment of human [..]

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How do Biotech firms fill their critical positions?

I’ve done some “market research” lately, talking to the wonderful CEOs and CFOs in “the industry” about what they see coming done the pike and how they plan [..]

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Green Chemistry and Sustainable Pharmaceuticals

    I didn’t know that “green chemistry” existed until I saw Buzz Cue (BWC Pharma Consulting) speak last night.  Wow!  It turns out that Pharma has more [..]

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