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Don’t hire the next best because…

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A consultant for every need

I am deeply impressed by the volume of knowledge that is required to be a successful HR person today.  I grew up with a father who was a [..]

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Are you planning to hire next year?

Are you and the BOD planning to hire more people for your workforce next year? Or just to replace individuals as they leave?  Either way, recruiting and hiring will be needed.  [..]

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8 Steps to Finding Your Next Hire Without a Recruiter

 If your company wants to recruit without the help of a search firm, you will need a careful plan to find the right one to fit your open [..]

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Employee Referral Program – do you have one?

Since 75% or more of all jobs are filled by personal networking, including that initiated by employees and that initiated by job seekers, employee referral programs are essential [..]

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The Pharmaceutical Pipeline Attrition Rates

From Quintiles white paper. Does your company and your people have enough ideas flowing in on the left to provide the outcome on the right?  Does this apply [..]

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Do-It-Yourself recruiting in BioScience

  If you’re going to conduct a search for a top-level person without using outside resources, here are some guidelines: 1. How to find good candidates for your [..]

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Referred Workers Are More Likely to Stay via SourcingKB and BusinessInsider

Referred Workers Are 20% Less Likely To Quit Their Jobs Vivian Giang | May 1, 2013, 12:32 PM | 1,456 | 1   flickr/nickgray There’s a value to [..]

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Talent Community – Do you have one for your company

What is a talent community and how can a small biotech develop one? Marvin Smith of ERE.net has written on “Talent Communities”. His comment most relevant to small [..]

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Make It Easy for Preferred Candidates to Find You

There may be plenty of people out of work but in the bioindustries it can still be very difficult to find the right person with the right skills [..]

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