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Cultural generation

 What is your company generational culture? Are you interviewing Millennials differently than Boomers?  Gen X? What is your company culture and how does it mesh with each demographic? [..]

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Don’t hire the next best because…

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Video for interviewing?

Once you have narrowed down the resumes to just those people you want to talk with, how do you contact them?  Set up a phone call?  Do you [..]

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Post the Job or Hire a Search Consultant: Which is Smarter?

When is it smarter to post the position or call your search consultant?

Does this sound familiar?

* One of your hiring managers needs a new employee (to fill a role that has opened or a new one).
* He/she has already asked their people who they know and no one knows the right person for the job (and no one can step into it).
* S/He calls you and says, “We need an X. How soon can you get me one?”

This is my recommendation, based on my 14 years of recruiting experience:

I suggest … Read more »

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Make It Easy for Preferred Candidates to Find You

There may be plenty of people out of work but in the bioindustries it can still be very difficult to find the right person with the right skills [..]

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6 things to consider when hiring a recruiter

  What 6 things do you consider when hiring a recruiter? What kind of recruiter can the company afford to use for this search? How urgent and important [..]

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How many candidates should be interviewed for a job?

So you have posted the position and gotten 500 responses.  Of these 490 are from people who could not possibly have read the position description but simply want [..]

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Is the traditional resume a dinosaur?

Are resumes just old fossils? Should they be replaced with videos or just LinkedIn profiles? How would your hiring process change if you did not have a two [..]

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5 Keys to Interviewing Well

Most hiring managers hate hiring and especially hate interviewing. They see it as a waste of time and effort and (secretly) know that they are just not very [..]

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How many applicants does it take to find one qualified candidate?

Have you seen Ira Wolfe’s blog How many job applicants does it take to find one qualified candidate? “The “war for talent” is heating up even in the [..]

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