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Cultural generation

 What is your company generational culture? Are you interviewing Millennials differently than Boomers?  Gen X? What is your company culture and how does it mesh with each demographic? [..]

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Hiring Tip #17: Promote Your Company Culture and Values

 Promote your company values and culture.   Don’t expect the great candidates to read your mind!  Can you articulate what those values are?  Do they vary by department? [..]

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Do-It-Yourself recruiting in BioScience

  If you’re going to conduct a search for a top-level person without using outside resources, here are some guidelines: 1. How to find good candidates for your [..]

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One size fits one, especially in retention

One size fits one, especially in retaining your best employees Mass customization is happening today – you can order just what you want, in the color you want it, [..]

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Talent Acquisition: Do you fish?

I will be presenting this topic to NCHRA March 6th in Santa Rosa, March 14th in Pleasanton and August 8th in San Rafael.  I’d love to meet you [..]

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5 Keys to Interviewing Well

Most hiring managers hate hiring and especially hate interviewing. They see it as a waste of time and effort and (secretly) know that they are just not very [..]

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“Straight from the mouth of an employed job seeker”

“Straight from the mouth of an employed job seeker” – Blogs – Community – ERE.net. Many companies seem to have missed the idea that you need to sell [..]

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How to find a job without a recruiter

No company hires unless they have a problem they can’t solve with the people they already have. http://wp.me/pYohD-m Read more »

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