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“Straight from the mouth of an employed job seeker” – Blogs – Community – ERE.net

“Straight from the mouth of an employed job seeker” – Erin Nemeth’s Blog – Community – ERE.net. Many companies seem to have missed the idea that they need [..]

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How do Biotech firms fill their critical positions?

I’ve done some “market research” lately, talking to the wonderful CEOs and CFOs in “the industry” about what they see coming done the pike and how they plan [..]

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HOW TO: Hire the Best Employee ASAP at the Best Price

Every employer hates the process of hiring but each one wants the best possible employee as soon as possible for the best possible price. The process of hiring has quite a few steps that the busy hiring manager frequently doesn’t have any time for. But to skip them or try to get around them can, and usually does, just make the process longer and cost more. So hire slowly and thoroughly, using the steps I outline below … or you will have to keep doing it! Read more »

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