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Hiring Tip #36: Listen

Don’t “sell” the job in the interview.  Really listen to the answers to your questions.  Get your “gut” out of the way and investigate, seek, quest.

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Don’t hire the next best because…

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Yes, you need to know them but…

Hire someone you know (or one of your employees knows), but not too well-known. Friends are different from employees.  Employees can become friends but why stress a friendship [..]

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Hire people who are better than you are

Hiring “Mini-Me” means that you will be hiring all your own faults as well as your strengths. Look for someone who complements you, rather than replicates you.

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Hiring in 2016

Have you started planning your strategy for the hiring in 2016 you will need to do?   How will you do the hiring in 2016? Do you start [..]

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Is the War for Talent really happening?

Are you able to find the right people for your company?  Is talent getting to be hard to find? For years the recruiting industry has talked about the [..]

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Temp vs Search

Temp Staffing vs Search Services I frequently find that people confuse my services with those of a staffing agency. Staffing agencies offer the services of individual contributors (mostly) [..]

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New to the industry PostDocs: What do they need to know?

You have openings in your R&D team that require a PhD.  You would be fine with recent PostDocs, if only….. We know that the current recruiting methods are [..]

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Hiring Tip #31: Consistency in the questions

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Hiring Tip #30: When to mention salary ranges

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