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Epic Fail: Why you may be missing the right people

[svpVideo v=1] Conversation with John Rose Are you getting the right people for your open positions?  Do you know why not?  What do you need to do to [..]

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[Video] 8 steps to hiring mission critical employees

Do your HR people or sourcers do these 8 steps?  Mission-critical PhDs can be hard to find.  Hiring them is not the same as hiring entry-level finance people [..]

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Video: Holocracy

What is Holocracy? How can this new way of organizing a company reduce bottlenecks, empower employees, make your purpose even stronger? Read more »

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8 Steps to Finding Your Next Hire Without a Recruiter

 If your company wants to recruit without the help of a search firm, you will need a careful plan to find the right one to fit your open [..]

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Are You Fishing for Talent?

 Click here for some fishing tools!

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ATS – which one is right for my company?

We had some interesting conversation at the last Supper Club about ATS systems so I decided to ask my friend Sylvia Dahlby is a Rainmaker at SmartSearch the [..]

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What tools do you use for recruiting?

When the time comes to hire someone, what tools do you go to most often? Do you start with a preexisting job description? Or start with a blank [..]

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Hiring an independent contractor

Have you seen this? 3 Rules for Hiring an Independent Contractor While this article is about hiring a software programmer, the same is true about hiring a recruiter [..]

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NCHRA has a new website!

Northern California Human Resources Association (NCHRA ) has a new website.  Looking good! It is a busy week here in NorCal for HR people.  Lots of learning is [..]

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A Quick Introduction to Pre-Employment Background Checks

By Guest Blogger: Attorney Lester S. Rosen, CEO of Employment Screening Resources (ESR) As founder and CEO of an accredited background check company, I usually focus on the [..]

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