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Your Recruting Strategy: Posting, Hunting, or Building Community?

What is your recruiting strategy based on? I grew up in farm country with relatives that hunt and fish and it strikes me that finding the right people [..]

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Compensation plan – a struggle?

Do you have questions about compensation planning?  I’ve invited Don Neuhauser to give us a short but practical presentation of compensation planning on Feb 21st at 11:30 am [..]

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What should we call the “hiring manager”?

Recruiters and HR people use the term “hiring manager” for any top person in the organization who needs a spot filled. Read more »

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Is your position description a yawn? Does the hiring manager like it?

Writing job descriptions is neither simple nor easy.  Especially if you are not the hiring manager. A good position description for hiring is not the same as the [..]

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Culture can make or break an organization

So why are we examining culture in a recruiting Blog? Studies have shown that employees seldom leave a “company.” They leave because of a “bad boss” or “they just don’t fit.” Most often the fit is a mis-match in culture. Read more »

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