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What should we call the “hiring manager”?

Recruiters and HR people use the term “hiring manager” for any top person in the organization who needs a spot filled. Read more »

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Companion Diagnostics? Or just better diagnostic guidance?

The BioScience Forum was held in South San Francisco Wednesday, 11/16 and I had the privilege of hearing Bob Curry speak.  He is the General Partner of the [..]

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Why should a superstar work for you?

As the market gets tighter, will the superstars be available?  Sure, there are lots of great people who have been downsized or whose last company did not survive [..]

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Green Chemistry and Sustainable Pharmaceuticals

    I didn’t know that “green chemistry” existed until I saw Buzz Cue (BWC Pharma Consulting) speak last night.  Wow!  It turns out that Pharma has more [..]

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DIY Recruiting for the Bio Sciences

If you’re going to conduct a search for a top-level person without using outside resources, here are more guidelines Read more »

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