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Hiring Tip #22: Are you using LinkedIn effectively?

 Are you using your personal LinkedIn Profile to attract and interact with potential employees?  Are you keeping your company’s LinkedIn page up-top-date and attractive?  Candidates are shoppers, especially [..]

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Hiring Tip #19: What fills 70-85 percent of all jobs?

 Do you track how your open positions are filled? Have you found that 70-85 percent are filled by referrals or recommendations from current managers or employees? Like this:Like Loading…

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Hiring Tip #15: What are the selling points for each job?

Do you know the selling points for the job you need to fill?  For the company as a whole? Why should an excellent candidate join your company in [..]

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Hiring Tip #9: Job descriptions can’t be boiler plate

A job descriptions that you post or make public are advertisements.  You wouldn’t use some other company’s ad for your product, why use them for your job descriptions for [..]

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Hiring Tip #8: Do you have a checklist?

  Consistency is important for many reasons and a checklist will help you make sure that you don’t skip steps. Like this:Like Loading…

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Avoid Emergency Hires

Do some of your hires feel like emergencies? Since no company would spend the time and resources to hire unless they have a problem to solve that can’t [..]

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Hiring Tip #5 – Hiring for Problems

  It makes no sense to hire unless it is part of a strategic plan.  Hiring for a foreseen situation is much better than hiring after the problem appears [..]

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Epic Fail: Why you may be missing the right people

Conversation with John Rose Are you getting the right people for your open positions?  Do you know why not?  What do you need to do to up your [..]

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[Video] How many applicants should be interviewed?

  So you have posted the position and gotten 500 applicants.  Of these 490 are from people who could not possibly have read the position description but simply [..]

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[Video] Billboards, radio & newspapers

There are many ways to advertise.  Do you use these? Billboards, radio, newspapers and trade journals   Like this:Like Loading…

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