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Epic Fail: Why you may be missing the right people

Conversation with John Rose Are you getting the right people for your open positions?  Do you know why not?  What do you need to do to up your [..]

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[Video] How many applicants should be interviewed?

  So you have posted the position and gotten 500 applicants.  Of these 490 are from people who could not possibly have read the position description but simply [..]

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[Video] Billboards, radio & newspapers

There are many ways to advertise.  Do you use these? Billboards, radio, newspapers and trade journals  

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Who is Your Company Competing with?

In our industry, jobs are very specific and specialized.  Boomers are retiring and many companies are competing for their replacements, both within our industry and outside it.  Do [..]

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Farming Talent

“Farming” or Employment branding is the hot topic these days We have truly entered the era of branding and marketing.  Candidates are as careful checking you out as [..]

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Known, Remembered, Liked, Trusted

  The qualities a candidate needs to have You can’t hire someone if you don’t know that they exist and what their skills are.  And you have to [..]

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Fishing for Talent

What has changed since the days of Help Wanted signs is that we have entered the age of marketing and branding, both employment and personal as well as [..]

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Your Recruting Strategy: Posting, Hunting, or Building Community?

What is your recruiting strategy based on? I grew up in farm country with relatives that hunt and fish and it strikes me that finding the right people [..]

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Video: Help Your Recruiter Deliver the Right People

Do you expect your recruiter to read your mind or the mind of your hiring manager?   Help him or her out by communicating what you really need [..]

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A little time, a big impact

Social Media for HR HR folks are busier than a cat with puppies.  Do you have time for social media?  Do you have time NOT to? Having a [..]

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