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Success in Hiring

Successful companies depend on the quality of the people they hire. If the only people you can attract and hire are mediocre, it doesn’t matter how great your [..]

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Happy with Your Recruiting Results?

The results from the various methods of recruiting a new person for your company have actually remained pretty stable over the last few years. 75 to 80% of [..]

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Cultural generation

 What is your company generational culture? Are you interviewing Millennials differently than Boomers?  Gen X? What is your company culture and how does it mesh with each demographic? [..]

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Do you have a dedicated recruiting team?

Companies go through a number of stages as they grow and start recruiting: Start-up and hiring only their friends and school buddies – no HR team or the [..]

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Hiring Tip #41: Your job, their goals

 Do you know what the candidate’s (and each employee’s) goals are?  Will this job further their goals?  Or are you interviewing for a job that they really don’t [..]

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What has changed in recruiting in the last 3 years?

Remember when the unemployment rate was over 7%?  And it was still hard to find the right people? Now it is even harder! U.S. Labor Market Among World’s [..]

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First, Last or Best?

The first person you interview is not like the first pancake – only for throwing out.  They may be the best of the lot.  Or the best may [..]

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Don’t hire the next best because…

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Hire people who are better than you are

Hiring “Mini-Me” means that you will be hiring all your own faults as well as your strengths. Look for someone who complements you, rather than replicates you.

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Is the War for Talent really happening?

Are you able to find the right people for your company?  Is talent getting to be hard to find? For years the recruiting industry has talked about the [..]

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