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The impression your hiring process creates

If your company is known for being a great place for this type of candidate and employee, then you will be able to attract great people.  If it [..]

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Offers and backgrounds

Don’t make the mistake of giving offers of employment before you have checked the background.  Not just the formal references, but also the social media references and perhaps [..]

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Hiring Tip #36: Listen

Don’t “sell” the job in the interview.  Really listen to the answers to your questions.  Get your “gut” out of the way and investigate, seek, quest.

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Hiring Tip #22: Are you using LinkedIn effectively?

 Are you using your personal LinkedIn Profile to attract and interact with potential employees?  Are you keeping your company’s LinkedIn page up-top-date and attractive?  Candidates are shoppers, especially [..]

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Hiring Tip #19: What fills 70-85 percent of all jobs?

 Do you track how your open positions are filled? Have you found that 70-85 percent are filled by referrals or recommendations from current managers or employees?

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Hiring Tip #14: Only 10-20 percent of jobs

Is 20 percent a good ROI for the cost of those huge job boards? And for every 1 potential real candidate you will get 99 “looky Lous”.  

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Hiring Tip #5 – Hiring for Problems

  It makes no sense to hire unless it is part of a strategic plan.  Hiring for a foreseen situation is much better than hiring after the problem appears [..]

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[Video] Billboards, radio & newspapers

[svpVideo v=1] There are many ways to advertise.  Do you use these? Billboards, radio, newspapers and trade journals  

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Known, Remembered, Liked, Trusted

  The qualities a candidate needs to have You can’t hire someone if you don’t know that they exist and what their skills are.  And you have to [..]

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The Cost of Replacing Key Employees

Do you know how to calculate the cost of replacing key employees?  Whether they left due to retirement or for another reason, you will still need to replace them [..]

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