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Networking and your professional development

Tweet: “Your career, and therefore your livelihood, depends upon two things: people and information.” (Thanks to my colleague Judson Walsh at Career Path Strategies for this clarity) I [..]

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How Good is Your EVP and Employer Brand

Do you even have an EVP, Employer Brand? Or are you sliding on a random reputation? Your Employer Brand is what used to be known as the reputation [..]

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Is your personal network up-to-date?

Do you have a plan for maintaining your personal and career network? This is not something that we are usually explicitly taught but is the thing that separates [..]

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Do you read romance novels set in the 18th century?

Remember how people would get all dressed up and go to the park at a certain time to “promenade”? It was the place to see and be seen [..]

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The next Supper Club for HR people in the BioIndustry on the SF Peninsula

    We had such a good time at the East Bay Supper Club that I’ve scheduled one for October 10th in Burlingame at the Broadway Grill.  We [..]

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Peninsula Supper Clubs

Sell Tickets Online through Eventbrite We have added 2 more Supper Clubs for HR people in the Peninsula BioIndustries. Please do join us!  

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Are you keeping your professional network up to date and shiny?

Do you have a plan for maintaining your network? A complementary hour-long training on identifying and growing your network for whatever you need, next step in your career [..]

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Immediate Next Steps

you are unemployed and you need to start your job search.

How you handle the news and what you do immediately will set the stage for the next “chapter in your career.” I am only going to cover the initial steps to take to “get going.” Read more »

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