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Hiring Tip #19: What fills 70-85 percent of all jobs?

 Do you track how your open positions are filled? Have you found that 70-85 percent are filled by referrals or recommendations from current managers or employees?

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Known, Remembered, Liked, Trusted

  The qualities a candidate needs to have You can’t hire someone if you don’t know that they exist and what their skills are.  And you have to [..]

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Do You have Time to Do the Recruiting Yourself?

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Post the Job or Hire a Search Consultant: Which is Smarter?

When is it smarter to post the position or call your search consultant?

Does this sound familiar?

* One of your hiring managers needs a new employee (to fill a role that has opened or a new one).
* He/she has already asked their people who they know and no one knows the right person for the job (and no one can step into it).
* S/He calls you and says, “We need an X. How soon can you get me one?”

This is my recommendation, based on my 14 years of recruiting experience:

I suggest … Read more »

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Don’t hire a recruiter until you do these 5 things!

  Recruiters, like attorneys, can be very expensive if you don’t know exactly what you need from them.  But you get much better results when you do. 1.  [..]

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How many applicants does it take to find one qualified candidate?

Have you seen Ira Wolfe’s blog How many job applicants does it take to find one qualified candidate? “The “war for talent” is heating up even in the [..]

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What positions do you have the most trouble filling?

Who are you looking for? Which roles are the most difficult to fill? How much is your company losing daily because that role is empty? Read more »

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Have you read the WSJ blog on why companies aren’t getting the employees they need?

The conventional wisdom is that our education system is failing our economy. But our companies deserve a lot of the blame themselves Read more »

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When should you outsource a search?

Reducing cost of hiring, when to use a recruiter. Read more »

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