What should we call the “hiring manager”?


WI (In Memoriam). Signed 'Klee' (upper left); ...

WI (In Memoriam). Signed ‘Klee’ (upper left); signed again, numbered and dated ‘Klee J15 1938’. Watercolor, gouache and plaster on burlap. Image: 52 x 45.5 cm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recruiters and HR people use the term “hiring manager” for any top person in the organization who needs a spot filled. But this generic term conceals two important things:

1. The person who needs to be hired will fill a mission-critical position. The mission of the company depends on finding exactly the right rare person with exceptional skills, and getting them on board and productive very quickly. Every week without this person costs the company a lot of money, and may allow competitors to move past them.

2. The “hiring manager’s” real title is likely VP or Chief or Head–someone in a top position who directly experiences the lack of this needed person. Someone whose success depends on assembling ALL the key components of the team from very hard-to-find professionals.

We in recruiting or HR sometimes lose sight of the critical nature of these searches.

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