What positions do you have the most trouble filling?

I’ve recruited for the biopharmaceutical industry since 1997 when we were looking for those early PhD’s with nine papers in something obscure to fill R&D roles.  Over the years the industry has grown and matured and those early ideas either made it at least to clinical trials or even to market.  At each stage, as more companies reached phase II and III, they needed more people in development and then in clinical operations and regulatory affairs.  Now more than ever, we are looking for clinical and regulatory people as well as marketing and even sales.  Reimbursement specialists are needed as the drugs get on the insurance companies’ formularies.

As the industry matured and it got harder and harder for a good idea to get early stage funding, we have looked less for those PhD scientists and more and more for the people to lead both companies and groups within those companies.  Local community colleges have stepped up to train the individual contributors for manufacturing.

Recruiting has really benefited from the growth of the internet and even the many, many layoffs there have been as the industry has consolidated.  But there are still those difficult to fill positions.  Just because there are many, many people looking for work, doesn’t mean that they have the skills you need; biopharmaceuticals is an industry that requires very specific skill sets.

Unemployed Workers Rally at Rep. Duffy's Office

Image by wisaflcio via Flickr

Who are you looking for?  Which roles are the most difficult to fill?  How much is your company losing daily because that role is empty?








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