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Connie Hampton

Do you need 3-6 qualified and interested candidates?

Hampton & Associates, Scientific & Executive Search Services specializes in scientific and executive search and recruiting of professionals (MD, PhD, MBA as well as others) in the Bio-Industries:

  • life science tools
  • diagnostics
  • therapeutics, both small and large molecule
  • medical devices 
  • health information management
  • alternative energy space, covering biomass and bio-fuels.

We care about the bio-industry, the cutting edge of problem-solving and the science.  We want each of our clients to be successful in getting their life-saving products through the FDA and out on the market – saving lives and making life better. 

We have found important, passionate and expert people for positions from:

  • early research and development
  • translational studies
  • mid- to late-stage (phase 3 or 4) clinical development and trials
  • regulatory and quality affairs
  • manufacturing
  • medical affairs
  • business development
  • legal
  • commercialization
  • marketing and sales
  • etc.

We are the most cost-effective for our clients at the “C” suite level and very, very competitive at VP and Director level or for the hard-to-find individual contributor with specific, mission-critical skills.

We have proven strategies and processes to recruit just the right person for your critical opening.

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* for job seekers or professionals in the bio-industries: We also offer Bioscience Job Kit


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