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Ultimate Software: Wrap Up from #UltiConnect 2012 – Talent Management is a Journey not a Destination
One of the definitions that has always perplexed me is talent management. If I talk to a dozen people, I’ll get several different answers about what talent management is and its individual and its individual components.

Lisa Sterling, director of people engagement at Ultimate Software, brought the concept of talent management into focus for me during last week’s Connections 2012 conference. She defined talent management as the umbrella covering talent acquisition, on-boarding, performance management, compensation, succession planning and career development. More importantly, she defined it as a business process not an HR process….

Lisa puts it very succinctly.  But can the epiphany discovered in high-tech be translated into the world of biopharma?  Are the demographics of retirement as true here as in high-tech?  How will the current underemployment of PhDs affect the future of biopharma companies?  How will the underfunding of creativity affect talent management?

Any ideas?

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