Compensation in the Raw

When a Spreadsheet is Your Only Tool
Irv Kirschbaumwith Irv Kirschbaum,
Total Rewards Consultant

So…you have a big compensation project coming up but none of the high-powered compensation analytical or planning tools that are available on the market today.  It’s just you and Excel!  Let’s assume for a second, and at times it’s a big assumption, that you actually know who all of your employees are, what their jobs are and what they’re paid.  Where do you go from there?


We invited Irv Kirschbaum to spend his lunchtime with you on Friday, February 21st, at 11:30 a.m., at Connie Hampton’s G+ Hangout, and share some of the wisdom he’s gained over the years working under just those conditions…more often than not.  He’ll discuss and answer your question about such subjects as:

  • Some essential principles of working with spreadsheets in compensation
  • How to protect the confidentiality of sensitive employee data
  • What basic skills you’ll need to hone
  • How to organize your excel workbook
  • How to link files in order to minimize data redundancy and enable global changes
  • How to design your reports

Irv has many decades of experience in the management of corporate human resources, particularly in the field of employee compensation for multiple industries.  Having served in large companies, as well as startups in the Silicon Valley, he has designed local and global reward systems from scratch and troubleshot existing compensation schemes on a worldwide basis. Working closely with management at all levels and boards of directors, he’s designed and implemented base-pay and variable incentive systems encompassing short- and long-term (equity) plans, sales commissions and executive compensation.  He has held management positions at McKesson, William M. Mercer and Autodesk, among others; and has consulted with a wide variety of companies including Dolby,, TriNet, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Kabam! He’s currently on an interim assignment with the Sutter Health West Bay Region and the Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation through this June.

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