Disability Employment Awareness Month

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

There are many different kinds of “differently-abled” people.  Some disabilities are invisible and you have people with these on your staff.  Some are easily seen or get revealed in interviews.

This month is a month of awareness about it.  What does your company do to abide by the ADA laws?

Many people have both skills, expertise and one or more disabilities.  There is an entire industry dedicated to making software to allow those with different disabilities to use computers and bring their sharp minds to bear on your problems.  But you might be putting unnecessary barriers in their way.

Or you may have employees who have acquired a disability in the time that they have been working for you.  Do you know about all the potential tools available to be able to keep them on the job?

In the SF Bay area you can contact the RET Project here: www.retproject.org/ to find out more about assistive technology, office ergonomics and job accommodations.

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