How to find a job without a recruiter

Most jobs are filled through personal networking but the “message in the bottle” system of sending your resume everywhere really is not as effective as a more targeted approach.

What do you want to do next? What title? Where geographically?

What companies use people with your skills? In your geographical area? Make a list of the ten you are most interested in.

Who do you know who works there? Take them to coffee and see if that company should stay on your list. Are they hiring?  Laying off?  In good financial shape?  If it does, ask to be introduced to the person who is doing both their own job and the one you want to do.  No company hires unless they have a problem they can’t solve with the people they already have.

Take the person who is trying to solve the problem to coffee and find out what problem they are working on and if you find it interesting and not one that you never want to see again. Position yourself as an expert in their problem by listening very carefully and saying things like “I worked on a similar problem when I was at X. They tried Y and it didn’t work and then I suggested Z and it did”. With real examples, of course and some simple suggestions for their problem. If the company and the people seem like it would be a good fit for you, say “It would be really fun to work on this”.  Never say “Please sir, may I have a job?”.  No Oliver Twist!

"Please, sir, I want some more." Fro...Then keep in touch with all of these people. If you send Christmas cards, these are the people to send them to. Put them on Google Alerts and send links as they come in and are appropriate. Stay connected.

These are the people who make up your career network. You will find them jobs and they will find them for you. Keep your network shiny!

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2 responses to How to find a job without a recruiter

  1. Dixon

    Please sir, may I have a job, valid those who work for contract jobs. Its like this after you show your skills within that period then its ok to say please sir, otherwise I am agree with your opinion.

    • Yes, you do need to show that you are interested in making it permanent, but begging really does not make anyone look good. Remember that you have skills that are needed. You are the expert in what you do – and keep trying to improve that.

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