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Working together toward a common goal is part of the DNA of small, young biotech firms. And that goal is really about science and the betterment of human life. This is a great place to start when building your team. So much better than many, many “just jobs” companies.

But team building nevertheless does need attention and care. Young biotech firms don’t have the budget that Google does to provide organic meals, huge parties on board vintage ships with local whiskey tastings, etc. So what is the HR person to do? What are some local, inexpensive ways to build the team? For a start, there are a number of team building Atlanta options if you live in the area. Many businesses have offered excellent feedback on the value for money that escape rooms offer and how beneficial members of the team have found it. If you’re wanting a completely different team building exercise you could look into activities like and more.

SHRM has 2540 articles, pages and books about team building

Google offers 102,000,000 pages and websites about “team building on a budget”. There are plenty of consultants who will come in and help you set up team building exercises.

But before we go there, what do you want to accomplish? Are you rebuilding morale after a bad result from a trial? A letter from the FDA? A layoff? What problem are you trying to solve? or is this something that you do regularly as simply a part of your corporate culture?

How does this fit into your overall business plan? Can a team building exercise also be a way to build the company’s reputation in the community? Connect with your end-users? Make a statement of the company’s values?

What does your company do? Please let us know so we can all learn from you!

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