The reunion of the year for the Bio Industry – were you there?

JPMorgan Healthcare Conference January 9-12, 2012

I spoke with a number of people inside the St. Francis in San Francisco last week.  The venue was well-guarded against terrorists, bioterrorists and Occupy protesters, none of whom seemed the least bit interested.  There was a mob out front however, of men in dark suits who were definitely interested, but just not the current clients of JPMorgan Bank.  Union Square in San Francisco.Many people referred to the 30th annual event

as a reunion – family, college, high school and I saw lots of people reconnecting.  Others were meeting people “under the clock” whom they did not know by sight.  Chairs were in very short supply and no one without a proper name tag was allowed upstairs to the meeting rooms.

I’m a big fan of SF BusinessTimes  Ron Leuty.  Of course he was there.   Scenes, thoughts from the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

Do you read Beaker’s Blog?  Lots of comments on JPM.  The one I like best is Best tweets and quotes from #JPM12

Lisa Suennen has an interesting take on the conference for Xconomy – where were the women?  I saw lots of men but very few women.  The Thursday night of the conference I attended an unrelated meeting of the Healthcare Business Women’s Association and found them!

Darshana Varia Nadkarni’s Blog  has some comments from the major companies.

Michael Christel of R&D Directions says that biotech startup continues hot streak  but that was not what some of the other commentators saw.

Luke Timmerman had some interesting things to say in Xconomy before the event.  I haven’t had a chance to see if his predictions came true.

Bruce Lehron’s the big red biotech blog asked Is 2012 a Biotech Buyout Year in the Making?

Even Motley Fool got into the “lessons” from the conference.

Audrey Erbes had some insights on the Conference  as well as a blog on the PharmExec Blog site.

Audrey’s conclusions suggest to me that the guards on the doors may have kept out some of the most interesting people, unless it was that the smaller companies were down the street at the Biotech Showcase 2012 at the Parc 55.  Either way, the sidewalks and Union Square was filled with the elite of the biotech world connecting.  I hope it gets the sector moving and growing!

Did you go? What did you think of the event?

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