To earn a seat at the table

Last month Heather Kinzie, President for 2011 at ASHRM (Society of Human Resource Management, Anchorage Chapter) and HR consultant spoke on a webinar about recruiting for competitive advantage.  

My challenge to HR Professionals is to earn their seat at the table by aligning HR practices with the organization’s strategies. This Webinar will focus on specific alignment with the organization’s competitive advantage.” Heather Kinzie

What are your company’s needs?  How can you align your recruiting to the goals of the company for competitive advantage?  Now is the time for looking over the past year and preparing for 2012.  Do you have the best team you could have?  Do you need to add someone with particular talents and skills?  Are you running a bit too lean?  Or has the down side of 2011 produced the need for getting leaner? Have you had a discussion with senior management and HR about strategy?

These are hard to fit into an already busy schedule and the annual holiday season.

How do you do this?  Please comment and let’s start a discussion we can all learn from!


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