What can you expect from a full retained search firm?

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What do recruiters do for a company anyway?  Why can’t it be done by the hiring manager?  After all, the web is full of people looking for work!  The unemployment rate is high and LinkedIn has everyone I could possibly need, right?

Companies hire retained recruiters for many reasons:

  • They have tried to fill the spot on their own but did not get the person they really need
  • Their one person HR department is very good at comp and benefits and employee relations but not as good in recruiting (and really doesn’t have the time for more than a simple posting)
  • They are too busy doing what needs to be done to find someone to do it
  • The search is for a high level person and there are matters of relationships with other companies to be considered
  • The search is a confidential replacement and needs to be kept that way

What you should be getting from every search firm you retain is:

  •  Clear understanding of the position shared by the hiring team, manager, HR and recruiter
  • Competitive analysis of your industry and the companies that employ the people you need
  • Broader network of potential candidates than you can find on your own
  • Connections both local and nationally, perhaps even internationally as needed
  • Vetted candidates and no surprises
  • A short list of the best
  • Managed interviews
  • Managed hiring process
  • Making sure that the chosen candidate is a fit
  • Managed offer stage
  • Availability for any concerns of either the new hire or the hiring manager after the hire

If you are not getting all of these things, then you are not getting a full search.

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