What is Employer Branding and how can it help hire Life Science people?

Employer branding

is a hot topic these days – LinkedIn and Forbes are talking about it among others. But how does that apply to small biocompanies?

You don’t need generic employees; you need people with specific skills and you need to attract them to your company since there is lots of competition for people with these skills. We would recommend using Jobholler if you are interested in attracting people to your company as quickly as possible. Your Employer Brand has many parts, but the most important are your company reputation, your culture and your purpose and the phase you are in.

Purpose is not as important in, say, games development, as it is in the BioIndustry. The main reason that people choose to work in the BioIndustry is to do something good in the world, to cure a disease or find a renewable and sustainable fuel or to further the borders of science.

The phase your company is in can attract or repel potential candidates – marketing people are not interested in phase 1 or 2 companies, they want something that is soon to launch or already is on the market, but research scientists may or may not be interested if you are close to market.

Your culture is important because people want to enjoy their work and their working environment.

Your reputation is important because if no one knows you exist, you won’t have the right people applying. Visit repcheckup.com for review templates to make sure the reviews you get are beneficial to your reputation.

All of these are only partly in management control. You define the purpose of the company: life science tools, diagnostics, therapeutics or medical device, therapeutic area, etc. Your senior management has a lot to do with culture, choices about who to hire and how to manage them, but the people hired are the reservoir of that culture and it is they who promote your reputation. You can claim or promote your company to be a “fun place to work” but if your employees are constantly complaining (online or in person) about working for you, the disconnection can destroy your reputation.

Have you recently assessed your employer brand?

What are you doing that you control? Is your career page interesting and full of pictures and videos of your employees doing fun and serious work on (insert your purpose here)? Or is it just a list of links to open positions or worse, a statement that you are not hiring now or “we are always interested in talking with smart people with expertise in our purpose”? Your career page is an opportunity to display your employer brand, reputation, purpose and culture. By doing this you will be able to invite the right people to follow your company, apply and “evangelize” for you. You will also be able to NOT attract the people who won’t fit as well – those for whom your purpose is the wrong one.

What are your employees saying about you? Do you monitor that online? This is not to discipline the employees but rather to highlight problems that need to be addressed. When an outsider asks one or more of your employees what is the best thing about working for you, it should not be the retirement plan. What is it? Is this what you want it to be?

Now how can you use all this data? You want it to be known to the people you want to hire now or in the future, so how can you get it out there?

1.) On your career page and the rest of your website

2.) On your LinkedIn company page

3.) On your Facebook Page if you have one

4.) On your company Twitter Profile

5.) On your YouTube channel

There are certainly many more places to publicize your company including press releases, articles, advertising in journals, etc. But just as you have that “about” piece on every press release, you should have something that promotes your employer brand as well. The audiences may overlap and both the investor audience and the potential employee audience are now doing their due diligence about your company before they engage with you.

Check out the latest info on Google this week: http://ow.ly/eyHmF

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